CPD points

Q: What is a CPD point ?

A: CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. This refers to the process of keeping track of learning which can include skill acquisition, gaining knowledge or improving experience. CPD points are a way of quantifying the amount of professional learning and development. The amount of learning will depend on the time spent but also the quality of learning during that time. While as a rule of thumb 1 hour learning equates to 1 CPD point this is not always the case.

Q: How are the number of CPD points decided ?

A: The eCourse author makes a decision on the number of points based on their assessment of the eCourse content and the time taken to work through it.

Q: What do I do if I think the number of CPD allocated to an eCourse is incorrect ?

A: Firstly, contact the course author as they make agree with you and make an adjustment. Alternatively they may be able to help you understand why they have given the particular allocation. If you don’t feel they have been able to resolve your concern then you can contact Atlantic courses directly or use the ‘Report concern’ button on the particular eCourse homepage page